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Aikatsu! The Targeted Magical Aikatsu! Card (アイカツ!ねらわれた魔法のアイカツ!カード Aikatsu! Nerawareta Mahō no Aikatsu! Kādo) is the second special short film of the Aikatsu! anime adaption series. It was first announced on February 22, 2016, along with the announcement of the Aikatsu Stars! Franchise. The short film premiered in theaters across Japan on August 13, 2016 along with Aikatsu Stars! The Movie.


Text aikatsu

"The Final Stage"
A event turned into a movie, with our director being Ichigo Hoshimiya and our main heroine being the idol who just became the Starlight Queen, Akari Ōzora!

A slapstick story about the story of finding that one Aikatsu! Card.
The final stage of the 25 idols.


  • Original Creator・Planning: BN Pictures
  • Original Concept: Bandai
  • Production:
    • Yasuo Miyagawa (BN Pictures)
    • Tao Yoshitaka (Bandai)
    • Hidenobu Muramutsu (Toei)
    • Sakae Matsui (Happinet)
    • Rīchiro Nakamura (Dentsu)
    • Yukio Kawasaki (TV Tokyo)
    • Shunji Inoue (Lantis)
  • Director: Ryuichi Kimura
  • Screenplay: Yōichi Katō
  • Character Design: Hiroko Yaguchi
  • Design Works: Kayoko Ishikawa, Satomi Watanabe
  • Design Assistance: Takeshi Morita
  • Illustration Content: Ryuichi Kimura, Yūichirō Yada, Atsuo Tōbe, Osamu Kamei
  • Performance: Osamu Kamei
  • Chief Illustration Director: Hiroko Yaguchi
  • Illustration Director: Risa Miyatani
  • Mecha Illustration Director: Manabu Tanzawa
  • Layout Overseer: Yumi Nakamuri
  • Color Design: Masumi Otsuka
  • Color Setting and Check: Hikaru Takikawa
  • Art Director and Setting: Yūji Ōnuki
  • Cinematography: Hiroshi Ōgami
  • Special Effects: Kaori Satō
  • CG Producer: Kenya Taniguchi
  • CG Designer: Shin Kitada
  • CG Production Managing: Hiroyo Mashiko
  • Music Production: STUDIO MAUSU
  • Music: MONACA
  • Music Production Assisting: Lantis


in order of appearance, with their roles in the film within the 30 minute special listed below.


  • Idol Activity! - Insert Song
    • Waka, Fūri, Yuna, Remi, Eri, Risuko from STAR☆ANIS and Ruka, Mona, Miki, Miho, Kana, Nanase from AIKATSU☆STARS!
    • Ruka, Mona, Miki from AIKATSU☆STARS!


  • The roles of Ichigo, Aoi and Ran, as well as their outfits are reflected and are the same as the first teaser images of Aikatsu! The Movie.
  • In the set of the room of legendary idols, instead of a Masquerade statue which can be found in the original Starlight School, an upper body statue with a hidden compartment of Headmistress Orihime was placed instead.
  • All the dinosaurs in the film are based on real species.
  • During the medical scene, a caption stating her name and role doesn't show up for Tsubaki.
  • The Japanese calligraphy behind Otome is her catchphrase, Love You~♡ (ラブゆ〜♡)
  • The witches' spells are all based on their own catchphrases.
  • Mizuki and Mikuru's role is a parody of the Goddess in the children's story of the Golden Axe.
  • Johnny's character is a parody of Darth Vader from Star Wars with the following points:
    • He is a black knight.
    • He holds a sword that makes sounds similar to a lightsaber and functions like a lightsaber.
    • The vehicle he rides on is similar in appearance to a TIE fighter.
  • The final attack was pulled off by the main cast of Akari Generation, excluding the exchange students.
  • Akari is the only idol whose Magical Coord has a different color from all the other variations during the performance of Idol Activity!.
  • During the performance, not everyone follows the original choreography at all points.
  • During the bridge of the performance, the cast are shown in the following combinations:
    • Otome & Maria - Partners Cup
    • Nina
    • Juri & Shion - Actresses
    • Yurika & Sumire - LoLi GoThiC users
    • Akari & Madoka - Skips♪
    • Ichigo & Seira - 2wingS
    • Aoi & Kī - Partners Cup
    • Ran & Sora - Partners Cup, Rhapsody of the Desert Moon
    • Miyabi & Sakura - Nadeshikos
    • Kokone, Nono & Lisa, Kaede & Rin - Hokkaido transfer students Nono & Lisa and dancers Kaede & Rin with center Kokone
    • Mikuru & Hinaki & Mizuki - Vivid Kiss users/WM
  • Like the Aikatsu! movie, the ending animation is in 8-bit style.
    • The items that appear throughout are items that are related to the 30 minute special, or have made an appearance.
    • The characters that appear are according to location and chronological order.


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