Aikatsu! Teacher is a School Drama that held an audition in Episode 109. It required no singing and the girls had to portray a new teacher of the in-universe fictional "Aikatsu Academy." The girls were asked to wear the Lady Teacher Coord from Spicy Ageha. The winner of this audition was Juri Kurebayashi.

In Data Carddass Aikatsu!, the song used is "Lovely☆Bomb".

Audition Act

The act begins with the teacher introduce herself in front of class. Then, the teacher will act like normal teacher. Later, a gangster led by Johnny Bepp appears and the teacher have to protect her students. The act continues to the soccer field, where the teacher have to create a goal and if the teacher succeed, that means she won over Johnny's gang.

In the game, the drama finishes with the teacher make a pose on the table where Johnny is mad at, as if he can't admit his loss.


Audition Assistance


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