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Aikatsu! Music Awards (アイカツ!ミュージックアワード Aikatsu! Myūjikku Awādo)[1] is the first special short film of the Aikatsu! anime adaption series. It was first announced on the official website of Data Carddass Aikatsu! on May 27, 2015. The movie premiered in Japanese theaters on August 22, 2015.


"The First Music Awards!

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The Data Carddass and the Anime, so as the Movie awaited that was made last year, "Aikatsu!" that has a tremendous popularity especially amongst elementary school girls, in this summer, "Aikatsu! Music Awards: The SHOW where everyone can get a prize!" will be on screens in 3D!

In this work, using the title of "Aikatsu", we will have our first ever All-Star Award Ceremony held in history! Go Aikatsu! The admired and the rumoured famous song and stage will also once again awaken in the movie.

You who are wondering: what song will be chosen, what kind of award will be given, and who will be the ones to fly out from the 3D screen? Enjoy!


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  • A small content preview of the movie was featured in Episode 145.
    • During the said episode, it was briefly mentioned that Akari, Sumire and Hinaki will be acting as the awards' hosts.
  • Nono Daichi and Lisa Shirakaba make a cameo appearance at the end of the program.


Entrance Bonus

Special Entrance Set

Special Entrance Ticket Sets: Soleil Ver. and Akari Generation Ver. will be released on 11 July.

To enjoy more as a family, purchasing 3 tickets (2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket) will present you with the original visual drawings.

Purchasing the Soleil Ver. ticket set will present you with the 3 card set 3D cards of Sunshine Coord, while purchasing the Akari Generation Ver. will present you with the 3 card set 3D cards of Odette Swan Coord without the Accessory.

Furthermore, to celebrate the first ALL-STAR Music Awards being held, a muffler towel will be featured in the Super Deluxe Edition Sets.

Internet Reservation Bonus

Internet seat reservation bonus original Aikatsu! Card and Special Collaboration Card can also be bought at cinema box offices. (Except for particular theatres) 3 cards can be purchased or collected: Good Manners Onepiece, Cross Classical Setup and Good Walking Overall. The difference of the card design would be the golden borders and the promotional white glow border and the add-on logo of the Music Awards.

Entrance Bonus

All viewers will be presented with a 3D original card to be decided. The first 100 thousand viewers will be able to obtain Lovely British Tops that has an effect of flying out.

※Limited number, first come first serve. ※Image above is the appearance, and may differ from the actual product.

Featured Songs

  • Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!
    • A song that anyone can name SHOW! (誰がなんと言おうと一曲目はこれでSHOW!)
  • Poppin' Bubbles
    • Hinaki and Juri swimming with the dolphins' SHOW! (ひなきと珠璃がイルカと一緒に泳いじゃったでSHOW!)
  • Passion flower
    • The burning passion in full bloom SHOW! (アツい情熱が咲き誇っちゃうでSHOW!)
  • Tarte・Tatin
    • The cool "I think I will fall in love with you" SHOW! (クールなあなたを好きになっちゃうでSHOW!)
    • The non-stop pounding of the Dancing Lightning's SHOW! (踊るイナズマにドキドキが止まらないでSHOW!)
  • Diamond Happy
    • Speaking of the trio Soleil, it would be this SHOW! (ソレイユの3人といえばこの曲でSHOW!)
  • Pretty Pretty
    • Luminas' super cute SHOW! (ルミナスがとってもかわいいでSHOW!)
  • Blooming♡Blooming
    • The hard work blossoms in the SHOW! (頑張った分は花開くでSHOW!)
  • Hello New World
    • Spontaneous skips of emotions' SHOW! (思わず気持ちがスキップしちゃうでSHOW!)
  • Tutu・Ballerina
    • The uncommon magic of units SHOW! (ユニットの魔法が穏やかじゃないでSHOW!)
  • Light Pink Day Tripper
    • From Yamato, the two Nadeshiko's SHOW! (ヤマトな二人がナデシコでSHOW!)
  • Love Like Caramelize
    • If you're eating sweets, go brush your teeth SHOW! (お菓子を食べたら歯を磨きまSHOW!)
  • Smiling Suncatcher
    • The unstoppable big wave's SHOW! (あのBig Waveは止められないでSHOW!)
  • Friend
    • Friends no matter what moment it is SHOW! (どんな瞬間も友達でSHOW!)
  • Ponytail After School
    • A wonderful Girls' Talk SHOW! (ガールズトークってステキでSHOW!)
  • Fashion check!
    • Everyone loves being stylish SHOW! (おしゃれはみんな大好きでSHOW!)
  • Precious
    • Always thankful for the smiles SHOW! (いつも笑顔をありがとうでSHOW!)
  • Happy Crescendo
    • The increasing volume in my heart SHOW! (ハートのボリューム急上SHOW!)
    • Going even more towards the future SHOW! (もっと未来までいけそうでSHOW!)
  • Let's Aikatsu!
    • Always following behind our Aikatsu!'s SHOW! (いつまでも私たちのアイカツ!は続くでSHOW!)

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