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Aikatsu! Glittering Dress Cake (アイカツ!きらめきドレスケーキ) is a Christmas cake set released by Bandai's Charadeco. The set will be released on December 2013 but it can be pre-ordered from the site starting October 2013. it was featured in Episode 62, but with a very different design.


The cake can be self-made, with the cake, decorations, and Ichigo's doll provided.

Promotion Card


  • Card Number: PC-090
  • Card Name: Sweets Decoration Onepiece
  • Type: Cute
  • Category: Tops & Bottoms
  • Brand: Angely Sugar
  • Rarity: -
  • Lucky Star: ★★☆
  • Dress Appeal: Tops Wave
  • Appeal Points: 600