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Aikatsu! Card ALL Collection 2014: 2nd Season
アイカツ! カード ALLコレクション 2014 2nd season
Aikatsu! Card ALL Collection 2014 2nd Season.jpg
ISBN 10: ISBN 4091010482

13: ISBN 978-4091010483

Release Date November 6, 2014
Publisher Shogakukan
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Aikatsu! Card ALL Collection 2013 1st Season TBA →

Aikatsu! Card ALL Collection 2014 2nd Season (アイカツ! カード ALLコレクション 2014 2nd season) is the sequel of Aikatsu! Card ALL Collection 2013 1st Season, and is the catalog book for Data Carddass Aikatsu! 2014 Series.

Publisher's Summary

All about the cards of 2014 Series is here!!

From the popular game "Aikatsu!" 2014 Series, all about the cards has been compiled!
This is a sequel book to the book released on previous year.

Of course, all the cards including from 2014 Series Part 1 up until Part 6, cards distributed on stores, and all the promotion cards can be seen here.

And, for the bonus, is Mizuki and Mikuru's "Summer Night Dress"-called popular coords' set of two accessory cards!!

The cards are somehow, has been remade specially for this book, in a sparkling and gorgeous look!

Plus, this year, the book includes all the "Good Coords" from 2014 Series!!

Table of Contents


Promotion Cards