Aikatsu! Accessories Collection (アイカツ!アクセコレクション) is a collection of mini accessories developed by Bandai via Gashapon Capsule Machines. Each capsule contain an accessory and a mini card (about half the size of normal cards). The first volume was released on November 2012, the second on March 2013, the third on July 2013, the fourth on __ 2013, The fourth on ___, and the fifth on February 2014.

Promotion Mini-Cardlist

Main article: Aikatsu! Accessories Collection/Promotion Cards.



  • Blue Checked Scrunchy
  • Pink Checked Scrunchy
  • Butterfly Charm Bracelet
  • Rose Clip
  • Angel Ring Mascot
  • Ribbon Bracelet


  • Gold Star Necklace
  • Silver Star Necklace
  • Candy Bracelet
  • Beard Necklace
  • Skull Bracelet
  • Strawberry Hair Elastics
  • Necktie Necklace


  • Love Queen Necklace
  • Ribbon Bracelet
  • Clown Bracelet
  • Flower Accessory
  • Cross Necklace
  • Macaron Mirror


  • Love(ラブ) Necklace
  • Skull Necklace
  • Thunder Necklace
  • Pop Star Bracelet
  • Cute Hair Elastics
  • Double-Colored Ribbon Clip


  • White floral Scrunchy
  • Heart Accessory
  • Candy Accessory
  • Flower Hair Elastics
  • Star Hair Elastics
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