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Type Cute and Cool
Status Presumably Disbanded
"2wingS, fly high!"

Ichigo and Seira's group catchphrase, first heard in the preview for Episode 100

2wingS (ツウィングス Tsuingusu) is an idol unit consisting of Ichigo Hoshimiya and Seira Otoshiro. The unit was formed in Episode 93, but officially debuted in Episode 94. They are WM's strongest rival thus far, even stronger than Ichigo's unit with Aoi Kiriya and Ran Shibuki. In Episode 100, they triumphed against WM in the the Twinkle Star Cup.



Mizuki Kanzaki and Mikuru Natsuki met up with Headmistresses Orihime Mitsuishi and Tiara Yumesaki, respectively, and proposed the idea of the Twinkle Star Cup - the ultimate stage in which WM would face off against a unit consisting of one idol from Starlight Academy and one idol from Dream Academy. The proposal was accepted, and Aoi and Kī Saegusa were tasked with their respective headmistresses with choosing the school's representatives. Aoi and Kī met up at a cafe in order to discuss their decisions, and received an idea after a mishap with a mixed strawberry parfait and cheesecake.

Aoi and Kī then asked Ichigo and Seira if, hypothetically, they were chosen to represent their schools in the Twinkle Star Cup, how would they go about defeating WM. Ichigo and Seira both believe that getting their thoughts more in sync is the key to defeating Mizuki and Mikuru, but Aoi and Kī think differently. The two then take Ichigo and Seira to try on each other's favorite brands, Angely Sugar and Swing Rock, with each finding the change of style refreshingly different. They continue this pace by trying each other's favorite activities.

To finish things off, Aoi and Kii have Maria Himesato drop Ichigo and Seira off in the middle of the woods. The two begin arguing, with Ichigo thinking they should find the main road and Seira thinking that if they continue walking around they'll get even more lost. Seira then becomes upset with their fighting, believing they could never defeat WM as they are now. Ichigo convinces her otherwise, realizing that their differences are what make their partnership special. Having had faith in their friends for coming to this realization, Aoi and Kī pick Ichigo and Seira to face off against WM.

Thinking of a Unit Name

Following the decision to have Ichigo and Seira battle WM in the Twinkle Star Cup, Aoi, Kii, and Ran held a small party for congratulate them on their new unit. The party overlapped with a meeting held in order to determine Ichigo and Seira's unit name, and the two received a lesson on unit naming, featuring MasqueradeTristarSTAR☆ANIS, Soleil, Powapowa-Puririn, SpLasH!, and WM. The five also consulted Raichi Hoshimiya and Noeru Otoshiro for their input.

As Seira promised to visit Noel on Sunday, Johnny Bepp revealed that the day of Ichigo and Seira's debut concert will take place on Sunday as well. In order to help decide the unit name, Aoi and Kī asked Ichigo and Seira what kind of unit they wanted to create. Ichigo answered that their unit would be fun and friendly, and Seira wished to make a unit above WM. They then asked the pair what inspired them to become idols - Ichigo desired to become an idol after witnessing one of Mizuki's concerts, and Seira wished to make Noel smile.

In summary - both of them wanted to create a unit that could spread smiles to everyone and be able to surpass WM. Aoi and Kii then brought Ichigo and Seira to where Noel does public readings for kids, in which they are to perform at a secret concert. After singing Sweet Sp!ce, Seira, spurred on by the audience's smiles, comes up with the unit name "2wingS," which means two wings, or twin wings, conveying Ichigo and Seira's desire to reach new heights. Their unit name was revealed at their debut concert on Sunday.

Preparation for the Twinkle Star Cup

Ichigo and Seira have been spending the rest of their summer training in preparation for their face off against WM. During this time, they are revealed to have a new unit song and have been practicing their choreography for it. It was also revealed that they often go to Cafe Vivo after rehearsals to cool off.

Deciding on Unit Dresses

Day One

2wingS appears on an interview, where they explain that they try to spend as much time together as possible so they can trade ideas at the spur of the moment. After their scheduled work is finished, Ichigo and Seira are revealed to rehearse their singing and dancing at Dream Academy.
The two then meet up with Aoi and Kii, having decided it's time to figure out what 2wingS will be wearing for the Twinkle Star Cup. The group begins with having Ichigo and Seira trying out their favorite coords - Angely Sugar's Aquamarine Pisces Coord and Swing Rock's Topaz Scorpion Coord. Although Aoi and Kii agree that the two look good in their respective dresses, they need something with more impact if they want to take on WM. Seira suggests that the two switch coords, but it still doesn't feel right. After trying multiple combinations and solutions, the girls are left stumped. Ichigo tries to put something together without looking as a hope that something will come up, but the random coord was a disaster. They decide to officially call it a night with Aoi and Kii planning look at past idols for coord ideas.

Day Two

Kī finds an article about Masquerade trying a brand new concept concerning their dresses, but never came to be because of their disbandment. She and Aoi ask Orihime for help, but she explains that she and Miya had many ideas like that, and many of them have been forgotten. She instead gives them the key to the Masquerade reference room, and along with Ichigo and Seira, they attempt to find the "amazing concept" the article talked about.

Aoi finds the notebook used by Masquerade's costume staff, and the group learns that Hime and Miya had planned on asking the top designers of their respective brands to make dresses that suited both of them, but were like the "right and left wings of a single butterfly" (a matching set).

Ichigo and Seira decide to put this plan into motion and ask for the help of the top designers of Angely Sugar and Swing Rock, but Aoi says that a problem lies in the two brands' completely different concepts. The group explains the idea to Amahane and Makina and humbly ask for the designers to cooperate and make 2wingS' unit dresses, and the two agree to do so.

Day Three

While Amahane and Makina head straight into working on Ichigo and Seira's coords, 2wingS and WM participate in a lottery to determine what order they will perform during the Twinkle Star Cup. The result of the drawing has 2wingS performing after WM. In order to check up on Amahane and Makina's progress, Ichigo calls Shōichi Fujisaki, who reveals that the designers have not come out of their workshop since yesterday.

Ichigo, Aoi, Seira, and Kī decide to go see them, and Ichigo plans for the four of them to climb Angely Mountain. Seira becomes shocked and berates Ichigo after learning from Aoi that Angely Sugar has a high-speed elevator. The group finds Amahane and Makina unconscious in their workshop, having worked to the point where they slept a full twenty four hours. Amahane and Makina then reveal their newest creations - the Premium Rares Angely Gemini Coord and the Swing Gemini Coord.

2wingS debuts their new dresses along with their new song, Friend, pulling off their unit Appeal, the Angely Swing Duet. After the concert, Ran calls Aoi, telling her to take a look at the TV, in which WM is being interviewed. Mizuki showcases the dresses for the Twinkle Star Cup that they'll be challenging 2wingS with, Love Moonrise's Summer Night Miracle Coord and Summer Night Moon Coord. Mikuru makes a comment on how she and Mizuki won't lose, leaving Ichigo and Seira unnerved.

Showdown Against WM

WM's Performance

Ichigo, Seira, Kii, and Aoi marvel at WM's new dresses, but become shocked when Mizuki and Mikuru make the announcement that they are to disband after the Twinkle Star Cup. Ran says that because of this, the Twinkle Star Cup is now more meaningful to Ichigo and Seira, as WM's last stage will be shared with them. Ichigo and Seira then visit the Milky Way Big Stage, the stadium where the Twinkle Star Cup will be held, and the two are left in awe at its great size. Curious as to why Mizuki and Mikuru decided to disband their unit, Ichigo and Seira decide to visit the two at Moonlight Office, and WM claims that they've been expecting them. 2wingS learns that the idea to disband was Mikuru's idea, who asks the two whether or not they've heard of the Gardeners' World Cup. Mikuru explains it's a once-every-four-years competition that determines the best gardener in the world. She reveals that she plans on entering, as no one from Japan has ever won the competition and she wishes for gardening to be more popular in the country. Ichigo asks Mizuki what she'll do after WM disbands, and Mizuki replies that she hasn't thought about it since at the moment, she's completely focused on the Twinkle Star Cup.

The next day, Ichigo and Seira explain to Aoi, Ran, and Kī the reason behind WM's disbandment. With the Twinkle Star Cup only one day away, Orihime and Johnny check up on 2wingS' practice and tell them to go full out during their performance, for WM's sake. After their rehearsal, Akari Ōzora comes in and offers Ichigo and Seira water. Akari says that she can see how much Ichigo and Seira want to make this their best performance ever, and in response, the two say that they understand how Akari wishes to one day be able to put on her own ultimate stage.
One day later, the Twinkle Star Cup has finally begun. In WM's dressing room, Ichigo, Seira, Mizuki, and Mikuru promise to do their best, and 2wingS wishes WM a great performance before they head out. Mizuki and Mikuru perform Precious, putting on an amazing final concert. 2wingS is left speechless at WM's performance, leaving Seira wondering whether or not they can surpass Mizuki and Mikuru. Ichigo says that even if they don't win, they still have to give their all for WM.

2wingS' Performance

Aoi, Kī, Ran, Akari, and Noel find Ichigo and Seira in their dressing room after WM's performance. The two members of 2wingS are talking about their goals for the future, with Ichigo talking about entering a nationwide seaweed bento grand prix and how she's aiming for first place. Seira herself is planning on starting a band and is aiming for the top of the band industry. Ichigo suggests holding roadside performances all over Japan and Seira intends to create a brand as cool as Swing Rock. Ichigo goes on about trying out for plays and dramas, and Seira aspires to bring her rock music to America. Aoi becomes surprised that even at a concert like this, Ichigo and Seira are already thinking of what they'll be doing after the Twinkle Star Cup.

Right before their performance, Seira and Ichigo express how glad they are to have met each other, stating that they're best partners, as well as best rivals. The two decide to make their live a competition to see who can fire up the audience more, and call out their unit catchphrase - "Soar freely! 2wingS, fly high!"  before heading onstage. The two put on their best show yet, singing Friend. Mikuru conveys how thrilled she is to have WM's final performance be with 2wingS. Suspense soon takes over as everyone waits to hear the results on which unit has won. The two are neck and neck before WM takes a slight lead. The points reveal that 2wingS has come out the victor.

Ichigo looks over at Mizuki, who smiles and claps for them. Ichigo, Mizuki, Seira, and Mikuru are interviewed, with Seira going first. She explains that she still doesn't believe that she and Ichigo managed to pull off a win, and expresses her happiness with a passionate "Lalala". She thanks WM for inspiring her to push past her limits, and for Ichigo being an excellent partner, as well as Noel, Kī, and Tiara for supporting her. Ichigo's turn comes after, where she acknowledges that of course there was pressure performing after seeing WM's amazing concert, but her desire to give her all back to Mizuki and Mikuru was stronger than her anxiety. She then says that her biggest support was having Seira performing beside her.

Ichigo is then asked if there is anything that she intends on doing after the Twinkle Star Cup, and replies at how she has a lot of things planned. She explains that even if the Twinkle Star Cup was her current goal up until now, a new start is waiting for her. After Mikuru's interview, Mizuki makes a speech about how as long as there are fans cheering for idols, Aikatsu will continue through eternity. She then presents Ichigo and Seira with their trophy. Mikuru then reveals to Mizuki that 2wingS has galvanized her into following a new dream - to one day face Mizuki as a rival idol rather than a partner. Aoi, Ran, and Kī head to 2wingS' dressing room in order to congratulate them on their triumph, but find the two asleep together.


On her way to a variety show recording, Ichigo meets up with Seira, who has just come back from a song program recording herself. A passerby couple recognizes the two as 2wingS, and comment on their impressive performance at the Twinkle Star Cup. Seira says that she's glad to have been partnered up with Ichigo, explaining how she wouldn't have been able to come this far had she been alone. The two promise to one day stand on stage together once more, and passionately express their intention to surpass one another.

Later that day, Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran are looking at the newest Aikatsu Ranking update. Despite having lost the Twinkle Star Cup, Mizuki firmly remains number one, while Ichigo and Seira retained their ranks of second and third place, respectively. The two of them are later seen talking together at the Starlight Academy party following Ichigo, Akari, Ran, and Aoi's performance of SHINING LINE*. It is assumed that the two have officially disbanded their unit, as Ichigo has returned to activities with Aoi and Ran as Soleil.

The Future of Aikatsu

In Episode 103, Akari is telling her new roommate Sumire Hikami all about her beloved Hoshimiya-senpai in preparation for Sumire's experience as Ichigo's one-day manager. A photo of Ichigo and Seira is seen alongside Mizuki and Mikuru on the cover of a magazine advertising the aforementioned Twinkle Star Cup. 2wingS is once again seen in a flashback in Episode 107, when Aoi is telling Akari's homeroom class about how Ichigo was able to "step up" as an idol because of her and Seira winning against WM.

In Episode 112, Ran, who is in charge of preparing the outfits for the Great Ichigo Starmiya Festival, is seen in possession of the Angely Gemini Coord cards, indicating that 2wingS will make a comeback performance akin to that of Masquerade's in Episode 47 at Ichigo's special live. This later proves to be true, with Friend being the penultimate song in the setlist outside of Ichigo's encore with Mizuki and Akari. 2wingS, alongside WM, are then shown when Madoka Amahane and Rin Kurosawa are discussing past idol units following Sumire's proposal for Rin to become her partner.

In Episode 139, although 2wingS did not appear together, Skips♪ and Dancing Diva made a visit to Dream Academy and were allowed entrance thanks to Seira, Kī, Maria, and Sora. During their conversation, it is revealed that one of Seira's dreams following 2wingS' disbandment, starting a band of her own, has come true and that their song is to be the jingle of Maria's milk commercial.

Unit Information


Unit Dress Cards

The unit dresses of 2wingS are scattered into 3 collections: 2014 Series - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 6. The coords' names used for their debut performance are Musical Scorpio Coord and Mermaid Pisces Coord respectively.

The coords' names used for 2wingS Twinkle Star Cup performance, designed by Angely Sugar and Swing Rock designer Asuka Amahane and Makina are Angely Gemini Coord and Swing Gemini Coord respectively.

In the Data Carddass Game, 2wingS also used another coord as their unit coord, and the names are Sweet Twins Coord and Bitter Twins Coord respectively.




  • Ichigo and Seira previously faced off against WM in the Partners Cup.
    • 2wingS's debut song and the coords they wore for their performance are the same ones they used for the Partners Cup.
  • Ichigo and Seira have performed together as a duo a total of four times before forming 2wingS.
  • The pronunciation of 2wingS is commonly misheard as "Twings" due to the Japanese accent; despite that, Twings serves a portmanteau of "two" and "wings," but depending on the context it can also be a portmanteau "twin" and "wings."
  • This is the fourth known duo unit and the second to share an aura.
    • This makes Seira is the first cool-type idol to have flowers in her aura.
      • Interestingly, the shared element in their duo aura (balloon flowers) only shows up when they perform as 2wingS, unlike WM, whose shared stardust chains appear in solo performances, albeit in different colors.
  • 2wingS share similar qualities with the duo unit of Naru Ayase and Bell Renjouji from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.
  • The unit and its wing thematic was foreshadowed in the SHINING LINE* opening when Ichigo and Seira grab hold of each other's hands and pink and blue wings sprout from their backs, respectively.
  • This is the second unit to have two official sets of unit dresses (their respective Constellation Premiums and the Gemini Premiums).
  • The zodiac sign of 2wingS is Gemini.
    • Traditionally, Ichigo and Seira's true signs (Pisces and Scorpio, respectively) have a very high compatibility with each other.
  • This is the second unit to perform in their Premium Rare Coords.
  • This is the second unit to have a number as part their unit name.
  • Having won the Twinkle Star Cup against WM (subsequently surpassing Masquerade as well), 2wingS has been crowned the greatest idol unit in all of history.
  • 2wingS is the third unit that includes or is made up of students from both Starlight Academy and Dream Academy.


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Second Performance

Twinkle Star Cup Performance

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