Étoile Academy (エトワール学園 Etowaru Gakuen) is an idol academy located in Kobe, Japan. The only known idol to currently study there is Kokone Kurisu. Kokone transfers to Starlight School as an exchange student, and Yū Hattori transfers to Étoile Academy temporarily. The academy uses the Aikatsu System like Starlight, Dream Academy & Himezakura Private Girls' Academy



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Their uniform consists of a brown blazer with pockets on either side at the base. On the top left corner is the Étoile Academy logo with the collar folded down, partly covering it. Worn underneath the blazer is a white dress shirt worn with a viridian tie. Covering their lower half is a pleated skirt with a dark viridian crossing over a lighter viridian to form a checkered pattern. On their feet are brown loafers worn with knee high socks that have two downward arrow strips at the top, the top one being a light viridian and the bottom being a darker shade.

Notable Students

Middle School Division




  • Étoile means "star" in French.
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