Navbox subgroup

{{{group1}}} {{{list1}}}
{{{group2}}} {{{list2}}}
{{{group3}}} {{{list3}}}
{{{group4}}} {{{list4}}}
{{{group5}}} {{{list5}}}
group6, group7, group8, etc...
{{{group20}}} {{{list20}}}
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This is a navbox subgrouping template. It is used to create another group in a group of a navbox to create a more elaborate organization.

This navbox subgroup template is created by TacticalMaster.


The following below is the parameter layout.

{{navbox subgroup
|color    = <recommended to use the same color as your current navbox>
|f-color  = <recommended to use the same font color as your current navbox>
|allwidth = <When input, overrides all group widths to be the same>

|group1   = 
|list1    = 
|width1   = 

|group2   = 
|list2    = 
|width2   = 

|group3   = 
|list3    = 
|width3   = 

|group4   = 
|list4    = 
|width4   = 

|group5   = 
|list5    = 
|width5   = 

etc., counting up until...

|group20  = 
|list20   = 
|width20  = 

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